Really thrilled that Hireist has been accepted onto YCombinator’s Startup School’s autumn cohort. It’s a sort of online startup incubator, free, online. Last year around 13,000 companies applied. Everyone who applies gets to watch the lectures free, but there’s a selection part where around one in five startups gets accepted onto a group of about thirty companies/founders to be mentored by one of about a hundred YC alumni. And that’s what we’ve gotten onto.

So it’s not particularly exclusive – we’re probably one of about 3,000 companies in the mentoring groups this time round. But it’s not a poke in the eye, either!

As a graduate of Bethnal Green Ventures startup incubator, it’s not like the startup world is alien to me. But YC has a deserved reputation; there are talks from Sam Altman and none other than Paul Graham himself. So, I’m delighted we got into the mentoring groups and although there’s not much chance of scoring the $10,000 they’re awarding to a hundred of the startups, getting this sort of content and guidance is awesome.

First lecture today… can’t wait!