iOS Prototyping With TAP And Adobe Fireworks

use Fireworks in combination with other tools to create complex iOS prototypes (for both the iPhone and iPad) with similar ease?

via iOS Prototyping With TAP And Adobe Fireworks (Part 1) | Smashing Fireworks.

Great article, must take a look at this properly.

I’ve loved Fireworks for many years, and although I don’t use it as much as I used to (things like Balsamiq Mockups have taken its place) I think it’s an awesome piece of kit, far ahead of any other software for professional web graphic production (and yes, I’m looking at you Photoshop). I hated CS4 and I hate Adobe’s expensive software. At a time when all the other professional tools I use are £20-£50 on average, it seems obscene for Adobe to charge the price of a laptop for a piece of software. I also didn’t like the direction the UI had taken.

It seems it has moved on since I last looked at it, and I’ll definitely check it out again. Maybe it would be worth the cost of an upgrade after all…