RIP The First Post

Well, all things come to an end. The First Post is no more; it has become []( Instead of the custom CMS we built, the site now seems to be running on Drupal from a quick scan of the source code.

I’m left with somewhat mixed feelings. First of all, I can only admire the achievement of porting what looks like the vast majority of the site content across to the new version; this can’t have been easy, but the fact they succeeded makes me think we must have gotten our data structures at least half right! Or perhaps it was the mother of all nightmares, and the developers have been cursing us roundly… Not just the content, but the comments have also been transferred, and as you’d expect from Dennis, they’ve ensured that all the original urls still work. And the speed with which the pages load is satisfyingly rapid, which is pretty amazing for Drupal. All in all, a fine effort; the developer team is to be congratulated.