Steve Jobs 1955-2011


I first used a Mac back in 1985 as a student in Edinburgh, and fell in love with it. Since then the products, company and the ethos Steve Jobs created have constantly inspired and delighted me, as well as formed the foundation of my entire working career.

I have watched the stratospheric rise of Apple in the 21st century with amazement and delight, and every day I marvel at these most incredible devices it’s a privilege to own and use – the Mac, the iPad and the iPhone. It wasn’t hyperbole – they really are insanely great, and the best thing about watching Steve’s product announcements was the sheer infectious joy he found in the things Apple created.

I am sure Apple has a great future ahead of it – I am sure much of Steve’s efforts went to building a company and a culture which would continue on beyond him – but I can’t help wondering how much better still it would be if Steve were to be with us for another twenty years.

More importantly, however much a perfectionist or demanding task-master he was, he always seemed to be a profoundly decent man who was loved and respected by many. It is the family man I think of now, and my thoughts are very much with his wife and family.

The world will be a much less interesting place without him in it.